Coastal granny square quilt

giant granny square crochet blanket 012Hey! So I spent most of Saturday slouching around finishing this collaborative crocheting project between my mum and I…actually it was only, like, the tiniest bit collaborative because I only did the last two rows and the scalloped edge, but who’s counting ;)

giant granny square crochet blanket 007

Mum made one of these giant granny square quilts for my two bros and I when we were little so I was delighted when one of my girls asked if they could have one too – I had thought maybe they thought they were a bit old fashioned. The choice of colours for each of them was pretty easy to decide on because one loves teal and blue and the other loves pink and green. Since I’ve been bitten with the crocheting bug again, I’ll be putting together the second quilt.

giant granny square crochet blanket 001

I must admit, I’m completely smitten with these colours – so coastally cool! Who new crochet could be a bit beachy? Alas, I have been told in no uncertain terms that no, I may not steal it for my own prettying up the living room purposes and I was only allowed it for a little while to take photos for the blog :(

So what do you think? It’s pretty gorgeous huh?

Cas x

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15 thoughts on “Coastal granny square quilt

  1. heather

    Cas, I LOVE It!!! You have a very talented Mum! Do you have a pattern and the dimensions for this very pretty afghan? It would be awesome to give it a go, but being a not-so-clever crocheter myself, I would need stitch count and how best to do the corners. And I think your border was very clever too. Care to share?? ;-) Cheers, Heather (AU)

  2. Rachael

    Wow those colours are very coastal cool Cas. I cant wait to see your other ones when finished. Think the cold weather is super perfect for a lil crochet session. Hope your not too crazy busy with uni and what not; feel your pain, I too struggle with time! Not long until the styling course, looking forward to finally meeting you. xx

  3. Desire Empire

    That is so love and it seems you will always be wrapped with love.

    My daughter still sleeps under a rug made by my granny who has been dead for 26 years. It is such a treasured piece at the Beach House.

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    1. aussiebeachgal

      A wild guess would be Red Heart Super Saver acrylic yarn which comes in 200g balls. It’s an American yarn, and the only place I’ve been able to source it is from my go-to fave, “Yarn Over” on Brisbane’s north side (at Grovely). Give them a call on 07-38512608 – they ship! The yarn costs $6.60 per ball, but it lasts forever and is huge compared to the tiny 50g balls you generally see around. Very cost effective. Here’s a link to the online page you’ll need: (The great thing about RHSS is that there’s NO dye lot, which means you don’t have to color match the series it was dyed in for accuracy – also it’s a medium worsted yarn, and is very durable.)

      Now to the colors! Again I’m guessing here – but since they are the colors I turn to most regularly, I’m pretty sure they’re the same OR a very close match! Colors: Turqua; Aruba Sea; Spa Blue (or Light Blue); Soft White (or White); Light Periwinkle. Note: To check the list of colors, you need to click on “Red Heart Super Saver Pre-Order” which is listed at the top of all the yarn colors currently available in store. Next, scroll down the select item list, and when you click on a color, it will replace the current image. I know…it’s a little bit tricky navigating this website, but trial & error (and much hair tearing later) has made me a little more Yarn Over savvy! ;-) Short of visiting the store OR checking out the Red Heart (USA) website yourself, it’s the only way to see the colors.

      Hope this helps, y’all! Hx

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